Living Faith, Day by Day

April 21 - June 2, 2019
Easter Sermon Series

The season of Easter is an in-between season.  The reality of Easter is upon us, and “It is finished…” has taken on a whole new meaning.  Pentecost is approaching, and the Holy Spirit’s manifestation is about occur.  For a while, the disciples live in this in-between time where they are commanded to abide in Christ and Love one another.  In many ways, today’s followers of Jesus live in an in-between time.  Martin Luther reminds us that we live with one foot in the broken world of sinfulness and the other foot firmly grounded in eternal salvation through Christ.  In these weeks, we look at seven different, yet connected ways we walk by faith in our daily lives.


April 21
Seeing Is Believing (sort of)
Acts 10:34-43,   1 Corinthians 15:19-26,   John 20:1-18

Today we celebrate Jesus” resurrection.  An event unique to human history, the resurrection was hard for Jesus’ followers to comprehend.  We accept it as a tenet of faith, yet its significance for today can be lost on us unless we, like the first disciples, are willing to look for meaning in new ways. Today, we find that in a Biblical worldview.  As we continue to see our surroundings from the perspective of Biblical Truth, we find that we are more clearly able to see Jesus, who has been with us all along.

April 28
What's in a Name?
Acts 5:27-32,   Revelation 1:4-8,   
John 20:19-31

Today we have a picture of contrasts.  On the one hand we have Thomas, who is unsure, doubting.  On the other hand we have Peter who is bold, unblinking and powerful.  What is the difference, and why does it matter to us today.  Spoiler alert – It has to do with the power of the Holy Spirit when we are sent with, and act in, the name of Jesus.

May 5
Uniquely Unqualified
Acts 9:1-6,   Revelation 5:11-14,  
John 21:1-19

One of the great significances of Easter is that Resurrection is to new life and purpose and potential now as well as the reality of eternal life with Christ.  Both Peter and Paul had life experiences which would seem to have disqualified them from leadership in Christ’s church.  Jesus, has a different criteria however.  He chooses those who are profoundly aware of their failings and limitations, and who know beyond all doubt that they are incapable of doing what Jesus asks without His help.  You and I are likewise uniquely unqualified.  This week we explore our lack of qualifications as the asset it is, and how Jesus wants to use our brokenness in His service.

May 12
Did You Hear That?
Acts 9:36-43,   Revelation 7:9-17,  
John 10:22-30

Our world is full of sounds, each competing for our attention.  God’s Word doesn’t just compete for our attention, it desires to change and direct our lives.  Are we listening?  What do we do when we hear?

May 19
Who Are the Gentiles?
Acts 11:1-18,   Revelation 21:1-6,  
John 13:31-35

The short answer to today’s question is, “not us”.  In Jesus’s time, “Gentile” was the common term used by Jews to mean everyone else.  They were outsiders.  Who are the outsiders for us today (and, yes, there are many)?  Who are we excluding from our midst, and how do we think Jesus feels about this?  What can we do this week to be better sharers of the Good News of Jesus?

May 26
The Awesome Responsibility of Discernment
Acts 16:9-15,   Revelation 21:10, 22-23,     John 14:23-29

It is truly amazing how God has created us and gifted us with the ability to discern.  Today, following Lydia’s example, we explore how God calls us to partner with the Holy Spirit and other Christians to fulfill our holy responsibility.

June 2
We Might As Well Give Up
Acts 16:16-34,   Revelation 22:12-17, 20,    John 17:20-26

Prayer is powerful, as we know.  Paul and Silas’ prayer is an amazing example of what can happen when we are connected to God in prayer.  Knowing that Jesus himself has prayed for us, personally, gives us pause to reevaluate our values, our priorities and our very lives.

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