What Am I Doing Here?

March 31 - April 19, 2019
Lenten Sermon Series
Lent is the traditional season of repentance and renewal.  In this series, we look at several examples of how we, as Jesus’ disciples are called to do the hard work of living a Christ-centered life in a self-centered world.  Our theme title challenges us to live intentionally for Jesus, and each week we will discover afresh the challenges and joys of living as disciples of Jesus.

March 31
Everyone Has a Part in This Play
2 Corinthians 5:16-21, 
Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

It’s a familiar story to many.  The wayward son who makes lots of poor choices, comes to his senses, and is welcomed home by his loving father.  While all of these things are true, there are other participants in this story, and each one has something different to teach us.  Hold on for a wild new ride through a text we thought we knew.

April 7
The List
Philippians 3:4b-14,   John 12:1-8

Mary and Judas had competing values.  Mary demonstrated hers.  Judas used words to avoid demonstrating his.  Bishop John Bradosky reminds us that we do what we value.  What are our actions saying about what we value?  Where is Jesus on the list?

April 14 - Palm Sunday
It's Not Over 'til It's Over
Daniel 9:20-27,   Zechariah 9:9,  
Luke 19:28-48

Day by day, Jesus continues His work.  A triumphant entry into Jerusalem would seem like a great place to declare victory.  Or, perhaps we would expect Him to hunker down and prepare for the coming storm.  Instead, He continues doing what He has been sent to do.  On Friday, He will say, “…it is finished”, but He never says that it is over.  The ministry to which we are called is never over.  We don’t retire from who we are. It has been said that the only two days we are certain of are this day and that day.  Beginning this day let us rededicate our lives and our very being to completing the ministry of discipleship to which God has called us, because, on that day, it will be finished.

April 18 - Maundy Thursday
The Mandate
John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Here is the picture of religion: that we would do things for God. Let me wash your feet. Or, I will build three tabernacles — one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah. Then there has always been: I will make sacrifices to you. All these miss the mark. The Christian faith is not one of doing things for God. Instead, our faith is in what God has done for us. He must wash our feet, not only to set for us an example of serving one another, but to show us that his mission all along has been to cleanse us of our sin.

April 18 - Good Friday
Service of the Tenebrae

Tenebrae was first celebrated in the fourth century.  The word “tenebrae” means “shadows or darkness.”  In this service, candles are gradually extinguished, symbolizing the flight and denial of the disciples and friends of Jesus after the crucifixion.  A final candle, symbolizing Christ, remains lighted throughout the service.  The light of Christ can never be extinguished.  In the light we find forgiveness and fellowship in communion with our Lord.

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