St. Timothy Lutheran Church-NALC Goose Creek, SC

To encourage and assist you during this time of retreat from public worship, we have compiled some resources for you (below) to help you stay in the Word, stay connected as a family, and stay connected to Jesus! 
With adults:

With your children:
  • The “Faith 5” Model:
SHARE highs and lows
READ Scripture
TALK about the ways Scripture speaks to the highs and lows
PRAY for one another
BLESS one another

Scripture Readings

There are a variety of Bible apps for smartphones which offer all sorts of translations (NLT, ESV, NIV, King James, etc.) and Bible reading plans, as well as devotions based on a particular book, topic, or theme.
My personal choice is the YouVersion Bible app. You can find out more information and how to get it for your phone, laptop, and voice devices by visiting

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