Day By Day
Every day was a teaching day for Jesus.  Every day He revealed a portion of God’s plan.  Every day Jesus opened minds and hearts.  One day at a time, Jesus revealed the Holy.  In this series, we explore six examples of how Jesus revealed God’s glory–one day at a time.

August 6
How Much is Enough?
Isaiah 55:1-5     Matthew 14:13-21

Today’s Gospel reading tells a familiar story of Jesus doing a miraculous thing with not much.  The story begs the question, “How much is enough for God?”  The answer is, “All of whatever we have, be it time, talent or treasure.”  He wants us to be fully invested in ministry.

August 13
Letting What Is Inside, Out
1 Kings 19:9-18     Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus is big enough to handle whatever is inside us, be it strong, confident faith, raging doubt, or crippling fear.  Jesus’ encounter with Peter in the storm demonstrates how He reaches out even before we ask.  By responding, we draw closer to our Lord and learn to more fully trust.

August 20
The Mercy of Judgement
Isaiah 56:1,6-8     Matthew 15:10-28

The seemingly harsh words of Jesus to the Canaanite woman seem puzzling.  Where is the compassion?  Yet it is in judgement that we find mercy and separation and understand the true meaning of Grace.

August 27
Now You're Getting Personal
Isaiah 51:1-6     Matthew 16:13-20

Jesus asks His disciples two questions. The first invites a report on what they have heard.  The second invites a confession of faith.  If we are to answer both questions, the second will direct the way we live day by day.

September 3
For God's Sake, Try!
Jeremiah 15: 15-21     Matthew 16:21-28
Today we hear God’s Word from the prophet Jeremiah, and we are reminded that God’s desire is for us to (re)turn to the Lord.  Our Godless ways do not need to define us any longer!  We are called to live in response to His amazing Grace.
September 10
Grace, and a Mulligan
Ezekiel 33:7-11     Matthew 18:15-20
Reconciliation can be sweet.  It is especially powerful when the original transgression has been significant, and there is healing of a relationship.  What results may, indeed, be a stronger, deeper, relationship than before.  Jesus gives us a model for reconciliation of our human relationships, and with it, a glimpse at how He chooses to reconcile with us.

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