Confirmation means the "affirmation of baptism."  It is an opportunity for us to recall the promises that are made when we are baptized.  Martin Luther said that it is a time when students of the faith learn about what baptism means. As theologian, pastor, and author Dan Erlander puts it, Confirmation is when we explore more deeply what it means to be “walking wet."


At Saint Timothy, our Confirmation Program revolves around the family (the church family and the student’s family) working together, engaging God’s Word in the Bible, and studying what it means for us to be baptized followers of Jesus, using Luther’s small catechism as a guide.



 Who is eligible for Confirmation?

Confirmation is designed ideally for all students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

However, we certainly welcome others (high school students, college students, or adults), who desire to be confirmed. Upon expressing interest, they meet with the pastor to discuss a customized curriculum.


When is Confirmation Sunday?

We celebrate Confirmation on the last Sunday in October each Year.  This is celebrated in the church as Reformation Sunday, a time when we remember how God used Martin Luther to reform the church and calls us to be reformers in our day and allow ourselves to be re-formed by God’s Word.


What do I have to do to get confirmed?


·         Memory work – Students will memorize . . .


1) the five promises of their baptismal covenant:

-To live among God’s faithful people

-To hear the word of God and share in Christ’s supper

-To proclaim the good news of God in Jesus Christ through

 word and deed

-To serve all people, following the example of Jesus

-And to strive for justice and peace in all the earth

2) a Bible verse of their choosing, which will be their Confirmation Verse

3) Two “traditional” memory items (eg. Apostle’s Creed, Ten Commandments, Luther’s explanation of Baptism, etc.)

4) One contemporary expression of faith (hymn lyrics of their choice, poem, prayer, sermon, etc…pastor provides some options).


·         All Confirmation students are required to attend 6 confirmation retreats over a three year period corresponding with their years in Middle school (6-8th grades).  Those who are unable to attend Saint Timothy’s confirmation retreats will either:


     1) write a three page single spaced, annotated paper on the subject of the retreat under the direction of the parents and the pastor or

     2) attend a corresponding retreat hosted by Lutheridge or another Lutheran congregation.


·         Students must attend one week of Confirmation Camp where the focus will be the five Baptismal promises they will make when they are confirmed.  Saint Timothy will use the Confirmation fund-raiser(s) to offer ½ scholarships towards payment of the early-bird deadline cost of the retreat.


·         All confirmation students are expected to serve as worship leaders at St. Timothy in the role of acolytes and members of Gospel Procession members on festival Sundays.  Students are also encouraged to use this time in their faith journey to experience various ministries of the church, including choirs, instrumental ensembles, property and maintenance, or others.


·         Each year students will submit 5 sermon notes in consultation with their parents.  Outlines for sermon notes are located on the church’s website and in the narthex.


·         Students will write a one page, typed, single-spaced paper answering the question – “What does Confirmation mean to me?”  At the October Congregational Council Meeting, students who are prepared to be confirmed will meet with the congregational council for a half hour before their Confirmation Day to talk about “what confirmation means to them” and any questions they might have.


·         The Wednesday evening before Confirmation Sunday serves as our Confirmation Celebration.  At this event, all those being confirmed encouraged to invite their friends and families to a banquet to honor the last year confirmation students and encourage them on their journey.


What does Confirmation cost?

There are no dues for Confirmation itself. But the program is not completely free, as there will be registration costs for camps, retreats, and money needed for meals and outings over the course of the year.  Partial Scholarships will be made available for those who express a financial need.


The annual “Penny Wars” fundraiser is hosted by the congregation each November as a way to help offset the cost of the various confirmation camps.


What does the 3-year Confirmation Ministry Cycle look like?




    3 Year Cycle begins


    SUMMER - Week = Baptismal Promises affirmed in confirmation


Fall - The Lord's Prayer - focus = how are we to communicate with God authentically?)

            - our 3 year journey begins with communicating with God! 



    Spring - The Apostles Creed

(Believing in something/someone bigger than me -- I believe, now what?)


    SUMMER - Week = Baptismal Promises affirmed in confirmation


    Fall - Baptism (God's washing, naming, and sending his people -- what, we're sent?  where?) 



    Spring - Communion (Jesus is/the bread is/we are taken, blessed, broken, given... ) 


    SUMMER - Week = Baptismal Promises affirmed in confirmation


    Fall    - Luther and the Reformation (not just history -- we are a people who wrestle with what it means to be God's people)



    Spring - The 10 Commandments (living as covenanted people)

                        --What God does in Jesus enables the very love and trust that the commandments demand.


    SUMMER - Week = Baptismal Promises affirmed in confirmation


    3 Year Cycle begins again - logical b/c school instruction begins in the fall


    Fall - The Lord's Prayer - focus = how are we to communicate with God authentically?




What are Acolytes duties?

The acolytes serve the minister and the other leaders at worship.  These youth have an opportunity to be part of the worship service.


For more information about Acolytes and what it means to be a part of this ministry click here.

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